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The Positive Apprentice

I really love positive and uplifting quotes and artwork - I've even had a few books of quotations published (yes, by actual publishers - not self published:)). Then back in 2015 I stumbled upon Etsy and thought, mmmm, this could be an ideal place to try out some quotation posters I had designed for my writing space here at home.

It started small and bit by bit this Etsy shop became my new favorite hobby. The feel and community spirit of Etsy appeals to me and after a year or so - guess what? I actually started to sell a few prints here and there. Fast forward to today and I'm pretty busy here and, perhaps more to the point, enjoying every minute of it!

It's great communicating with interesting people from all over the world - I especially love doing custom quote prints that mean a lot to the customer. I keep everything here high quality - from the prints themselves right down to the labels on the packaging. I reply to customer queries promptly (except on Sundays - I take one day off a week:)) and I'd love to help you out if I can.

Please browse through my shop - hopefully you'll spot something that will suit your home perfectly or you might find a gift for a partner, friend, colleague or relative.

Best regards,
Rory Callan

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